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Corrective Services Industries

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The commercial arm of Corrective Services NSW, CSI operates over 100 commercial business units and service industries teams, strategically located in metro and regional correctional centres across NSW. Industry benefits from access to an increasing range of manufacturing and other service capabilities provided by inmates, and inmates benefit by gaining work skills that enhance employment opportunities on release and successful reintegration into the community.​​


We market a diverse range of products and services and contribute to the self sustainability of NSW Corrections. Click on a below industry for more information.​



Print Services




Produc​t Refurbishment​

Building Projects


Laundry Services


Pack & Assembly


Food Services







Affordable Housing


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The History of Industry 

in NSW Corrections​

​​​We've been putting offe​nders to work in NSW since the First Fleet arrived in Sydney in 1788. "Convicts" was the terminology in those days and their labour contributed to the building of Sydney and NS​W.​​

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Correctional Industries

Consultative Counc​il​​

Whilst CSI work programs attract broad community support on occasions, concerns are sometimes expressed about the impact of these programs upon community employm​​ent.​

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Traineeships and 

Work Readiness​

​We place great value on work and the way it can change a life. Our on-site training in real world work environments prepares an inmate for post-release employment.



​Resettlement and


CSI exposes inmates to workplaces that are real, relevant and closely matched to the sort of workplace they'd find in the community.​​

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R​educing the cost of

runni​​ng NSW corrections

CSI supports the operation of NSW correctional cen​tres by making them s​elf sufficient in food services, laundry operations, inmate buy up requirements, centre hygiene and ground and building maintenance.

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News & Updates

Stay in touch with CSI latest news and community achievements.​​​ 

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Go Green

​​Waste is everybody’s responsibility. All CSI commercial business units throughout NSW take a proactive approach to caring for the environm​ent.

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Buying from CSI​

CSI manufactures, assembles and services ready-made and custom products to meet the needs of its private sector and other government purchasing requirements​

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CSI Logistic​s​

CSI's Logistics fleet services our clients and internal needs. Our fleet of logistics vehicles travel around 1.25 million kilometres per year.​

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Community Projects

Corrective Services NSW Community Projects Program is a successful community based rehabilitation program for inmates.​

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