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Corrective Services Industries

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Corrective Services Industries (CSI) is a Government Business Enterprise with over 100 business units, providing a hands-on, cost effective business solution achieving major commercial and social outcomes. An organisational unit of Corrective Services NSW, CSI is part of the Department of Communities and Justice, 

CSI contracts and partners with government and private industry to provide manufacturing, assembly, food, printing and other service solutions. CSI also facilitates offender participation in work programs as part of a suite of offender programs and services which form an integrated program framework.

Offender work programs aim to provide a work readiness capability for inmates to enhance their opportunity to gain and retain employment upon release and to contribute to Corrective Services NSW mission of reducing reoffending. In addition the work programs have an important role in enabling inmates to provide reparation to the community.​​

The below video shows some of the work undertaken by inmates in CSI business units.


  • ​Contributing to the security, safety and ​humanity of corrections by providing meaningful work for offenders.
  • Advancing the economic good order of Corrective Services NSW through managing cost-effective operations based ​on a rigorous culture of commercial intensity.
  • Equipp​ing offenders with foundation employability skills to improve their prospects for employment upon release.

CSI contracts and partners with government and private industry and delivers quality through compliance to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 quality standards across an extensive range of products and services.

Everyone at CSI is conscious of their role in ensuring that our customers’ needs are faithfully and effectively provided. This means that products and services are delivered on-time and to quality accredited standards.

The comprehensive scale of our operations and the networked control of our manufacturing and distribution processes has also positively impacted on the extent and quality of CSI services and products.

​​​It's an endorsement of CSI's Quality Systems management, that it was the first correc​tional industry​​ commercial entity in the world to gain the prestigious Quality Endorsed Company status.

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