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Corrective Services Industries

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The Girrawaa​ and Nurra Warra Umer Creative Work Centres were established to provide Aboriginal inmates with a balance of cultural and vocational work place and business management skills. Our greatest hope is that inmates will acquire skills that will contribute to their economic independence and successful return to the community upon release. G

Aboriginal inmates in the Creative Work Centres produce a range of Indigenous artefact and craft items for sale. The Centres can also create art and craft work to meet specific requirements.​ These can be developed for use in company promotions, presentations, awards and special events. The quality of work is exceptional as reiterated by Aboriginal artists who visit the Creative Work Centres to conduct art classes or talk to the inmates.

Proceeds from the sale of artwork is used to remunerate the indigenous craftsmen and fund the offender development programs for them. For further information or to view the catalogue, contact CSI Customer Service tel: 02 4582 2420.