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Corrective Services Industries

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CSI has been a high valued, strategic partner to several technology companies for the past couple of decades. During this period CSI has proven its ability to provide either a partial or complete technology solution, in a broad range of technology subsectors including:

  • the refurbishing and compliance testing on electrical devices such as shavers, kettles, toasters, blenders and microwaves
  • manufacturing wire products to integrate into smart hot water systems
  • soldering switches on to electrical wiring
  • digitising of print and graphical mapping records by computer
  • call centre services, including telemarketing and product support.

CSI can manufacture, refurbish, repair, test, assemble and package. We are willing to invest in the right equipment and certifications to get the right results – every time.

We have great flexibility and take pride in meeting deadlines, bringing in extra labour at short notice to meet the needs of peak demand periods.

If you have a great new product or idea but not the resources to meet your production, assembly or technical support needs, get in touch. We partner with the private sector across all our business division services and activities.

For further information or other enquiries, contact CSI Customer Service tel: 02 4582 2420



Digitising of map records.

Refurbishment of electrical appliances.

Assembly of wire looms.